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Category Archives: Culture

8 Healthy Work Perks for Employees

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This isn’t the first time you’ve seen a list like this on unique company perks or best places to work, but this one has a twist. I’ve pulled together a list of innovative benefits focused on health and wellness that you might be able to offer your employees.   Sure, some of these perks don’t yet have proof of a high ROI, but they all clearly add to company culture and demonstrate to employees that you care about their well-being.  And it has been proven that culture and employee satisfaction does have a positive return1 on investment. In that way, health-based…

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4 Reasons why your awesome company should offer dental benefits

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You’re a founder, CEO or other HR / benefits decision-maker at a small to mid-size business. You’re at an exciting company that cares about employees and sees the team as the key to its success. Maybe your company has a young, millennial workforce and you want to show them you’re invested in them as people. You probably have some traditional benefits for the team (medical, retirement), maybe even some unique or innovative perks (free lunch, anyone?). You may or may not have dental benefits. But you probably should, and here’s why.

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