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Category Archives: Insurance

Why Beam® is Making Dental Benefits Better

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One of the most common questions I get when doing an interview or introducing Beam® dental to a new person is ‘how the heck did you get into dental benefits?’ Fair question. There is nothing in my background, nor the backgrounds of our co-founders, that suggests that we would be the perfect people to bring a disruptive idea to the dental industry. In fact, our high level CV looks extremely typical for a tech startup: 3 young males who met in engineering school and started building things together when we got bored with classes. However, our story diverges quickly from…

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How Beam® SmartPremiums Work

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We recently launched Beam® SmartPremiumsTM, the most innovative dental insurance plans in decades. While this post shares a bit about Beam®’s vision and why we launched SmartPremiumsTM, I want to take a minute to address some common questions we’ve received, starting with: How do SmartPremiumsTM work? Here’s the short answer: SmartPremiumTM plans allow clients to save money on dental insurance by practicing good oral care habits, aka brushing your teeth! When a client signs up for Beam® group dental insurance, each member receives a Beam® brush as part of their Beam® perks wellness package, which is included with each plan….

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Beam’s Vision for Better Dental Benefits: SmartPremiums, Now Live in Certain States!

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Beam® Dental has a goal: be the world’s leading dental insurance provider. To us, that means a few things must be true: Have the best product experience in the industry Use new insights to create more value for members Invest in preventive care to improve outcomes Create an ecosystem of greater access for all people And today, I’m excited to announce that SmartPremiumsTM, Beam®’s new dental insurance plans with the most advanced underwriting in the world, is now live in California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Washington, Colorado, and Arizona. The Beam® journey When Alex Curry, Dan Dykes, and I started…

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