Meet The All-New Beam Brush

I am very proud to announce the launch of our all-new Beam Brush - a connected, sonic toothbrush

Beam is a platform that utilizes a connected toothbrush, the Beam Brush, to connect consumers to the dental goods and services they need. Beam helps to make each level of the dental service chain accessible, and cost effective, for all people.

Our latest Beam Toothbrush comes in 3 colors; blue, pink and chartreuse, and features Bluetooth™ 4.0 and sonic power technology that can be dynamically controlled to the user’s preference. The Beam Brush completely reimagines the routine of brushing teeth, instead creating an enjoyable experience for all different types of consumers.

Perhaps my favorite part of the new Beam Brush is the actual brushing experience. First of all, Beam has harnessed the latest technology on Apple devices to make the Beam app automatically pull up as soon as you press the 'on' button and begin brushing. Just unlock your phone and your selected brushing experience will seamlessly launch and take over your screen for the duration of your brush. You have never owned a connected gadget with such an elegant interaction between the physical and digital products.

All our users can choose between three options while they brush; a game that is played on the app while using the toothbrush as a controller, an aggregated feed of popular social content from Instagram, Youtube, Vine, and more, or an interactive two-minute timer. Users can even complete challenges and earn stars that convert into real world prizes.

The gameplay, using the Beam Brush like wii remote, just has to be experienced to get the full effect. Our feature game, Orbz, is a horizontally scrolling game with a likable little dude wearing a space helmet, trying to leap his way across a foreign land. For those of us who are already staring at a smartphone all day, your Beam Brush allows you to press the 'on' button while brushing to advance through your favorite social content, all from our app. And our timer? Not just the regular ol' 2 minute clock. This timer uses real time data from the six-axis motion sensor in the brush to offer a wacky and fun interface.

Beam users can also enable automatic refills of replacement heads, so new brush heads are shipped directly to their door right when they are needed. No more trips to the drugstore for replacement heads


  • iOS 7.0+
  • Bluetooth 4+
  • iPhone 4S (Fall 2012) and up
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation (Fall 2012) and up
  • iPad 3 (Spring 2012) and up

As always, let me know you thoughts and experiences with Beam. Our team is passionate about solving the very real dental access issue, and oral health disparity, for everyone. Email me directly at

- Alex, coFounder and CEO, Beam

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