Beam is starting subscription services!

Birchbox, Graze, Dollar Shave Club, Ipsy, BarkBox (yes, it’s for your dog).

The list goes on. So what is it about subscription services that has us all in an ordering frenzy?

True, the modern day world is overwhelming. TV screens, phone screens, flashing lights, the Facebook, the Youtube, the Twitter and whatever this is. Apparently, there are too many opportunities to check, distract, attempt to ignore, or succumb to a cat video clickhole to even remember to buy new underwear.

Despite the sometimes ridiculous variety of boxes available, subscription services are savvier than you might initially think.

For one, subscriptions save you a few bucks because businesses can offer lower rates based on the stability of recurring revenue. If you know you’ll need a product every month, it’s in a business’s best interest to offer a lower price to get you to order every month.

With the Beam Brush replacement head subscription, we’re happy to shamelessly oblige. You’ll save a few bucks because we know you’re ordering and, with the assistance of our handy usage tracker in the Beam App, you’ll get the new brush head exactly when you need it - every three months.

Why every three months?

It’s the ADA standard. If you’re using your brush like you should, then besides for earning stars and having a beautiful, beaming smile, you’re also fraying your toothbrush bristles. Frayed bristles just don’t clean as well as a new brush head. As an added bonus, replacing your brush head regularly means you’re also preventing bacterial build up on your old brush. Ew.

What will you be getting?

A new Beam Brush head and battery! The Beam Brush Replacement Head is a high quality, soft nylon bristled head aimed at providing a state of the art cleaning experience. The Replacement Head fits securely to the Beam Brush and takes just seconds to change.

What are you waiting for? You like dull, poopy bristles?! Thought not… Save a few bucks through our brush head + battery replacement service and stop thinking about it.

P.S. Want to start your own subscription box business? Luckily, Entrepreneur magazine made you an infographic!



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