Beam's Vision for Better Dental Benefits: SmartPremiums

Beam® Dental has a goal: be the world’s leading dental insurance provider. To us, that means a few things must be true:

  • Have the best product experience in the industry
  • Use new insights to create more value for members
  • Invest in preventive care to improve outcomes
  • Create an ecosystem of greater access for all people

And today, I’m excited to announce that SmartPremiumsTM, Beam®’s new dental insurance plans with the most advanced underwriting in the world, is now live in California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Washington, Colorado, and Arizona.

The Beam® journey

When Alex Curry, Dan Dykes, and I started Beam®, we were a hardware team that had an idea to build data services around our connected toothbrush to improve the quality of dental insurance products. We knew that the industry was broken because there were over 100 million Americans without dental coverage (still true today)1. We also knew that the dental benefits industry was doing little to change that, but when people have coverage, they use it. So, the opportunity was clear from the beginning; figure out how to incentivize people to consistently invest in their own dental health, and empower more people to have affordable access to dental professionals.

Clear opportunity, but a long journey to get to this point. Our path to this launch required us to build custom wireless hardware, a dental goods subscription service, two native mobile apps, an incredibly complex business model and now, a full-risk insurance product in a highly regulated market.

We put a lot of love into building the SmartPremiumTM plans, because fundamentally we believe that a better product experience is critical to making healthcare work better for the consumer.

So what can you expect?

At Beam®, we aim to revolutionize the dental benefits experience and place a high value on communicating with our members. With that in mind, here are some things you can expect from us with our SmartPremiumTM plans:

  • A brand you can trust: first and foremost, you need to be able to trust your insurance provider. You need to be able to trust your data, your financial information, and your coverage itself. We think transparency in your coverage details, cost breakdowns, and amazing customer service are good first steps.
  • Insurance you can understand: most insurance products force you to feverishly google what ‘deductible’ or ‘out-of-network’ means, and try to guess what your out of pocket costs will be for a filling. Beam® uses digital tools to help you find providers, ask questions, and easily understand what is covered and how much.
  • Beam® Perks for everyone: Beam® believes in investing in our users’ preventative care. To us, this means professional cleanings from any in network dentist, but also a Beam® Perks subscription. With perks, we ship our connected, sonic-powered toothbrush (with replacement heads), paste, and floss to the user’s door every quarter so they always have everything they need for great dental health.
  • Awesome member experience: Dental insurance isn’t (and shouldn’t be) something you think about every day. But when you need it, we are ready. Our app contains helpful tools to find an in-network dentist based on your location, a digital insurance card, and tracking info from your brush. Our management portals are perfect for the member and employers to be able to quickly see and edit information. Everything is beautiful, snappy, and integrated so you can be sure you won’t be lost in some manual data entry system from 1994.
  • Large network: We recently partnered with Stratose to beef up our network, which now has over 80,000 dentists at 270,000 locations all over the country. We make them easy to find and schedule appointments, because oral disease is preventable, and routine check ups are the best way to ensure problems are not developing.
  • Competitive pricing: Everything about a SmartPremiumTM plan sounds awesome...but how is it going to affect my wallet? Beam® was founded on technology and we use technology in everything we do to make a better, and more cost effective, plan. By emphasizing preventive care in a way no other carrier does, Beam® can help users save 10-25%2 on plans. This means users and employers will pay less in monthly premiums for great coverage and superior technology.

We are excited to begin delivering the SmartPremiumTM plans to groups, and we believe that the dental industry will be a better place for the consumer as a result.

Want to know more how SmartPremiumsTM work? Email

1US Department of Health and Human Services: HRSA,
2Lower rate based on group's participation in Beam® Perks wellness program and a group aggregate beam score of "A". Based on Beam internal brushing and utilization data, 2016.
Presented amounts are for illustration purposes only; actual discount, if given, may be less. Not all Products Available in All States.
Insurance products underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL), marketed by Beam Insurance Services LLC, and administered by Beam Insurance Administrators LLC (Beam Dental Insurance Administrators LLC, in Texas). Beam® Perks provided by Beam Perks LLC. Beam Perks® can be obtained separately without the purchase of an insurance product by visiting
Policy form series numbers NDNGRP 04/06 or NDNGRP 2010
National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a.k.a. The Guardian, or Guardian Life.

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