You must be so excited! You’re enrolled in Beam. You’ve downloaded the app (iOS or Android). You’ve got your digital insurance card and you’re ready to set up your first appointment. Now what? At Beam we always aim for simple, beautiful and user-friendly, so we’ve built our “Find a Dentist” feature right in the app!

Let's start by selecting Dentist from the upper left menu:

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That brings you to the map view (oh, and it auto-locates to wherever you happen to be. Yay, technology!) Here you’ll see all the local dentists in our network. And something you’ve probably never seen before: dentist ratings! Each dentist with reviews will have a star rating, so we make it easy for you to find awesome dentists. From here, you have a few options. You can search by name, specialty, or geography, or select a dentist straight from the map. Read more below.


Search for a specific dentist

Let’s say you know the name of the dentist you want. Simply click the “Search” field and enter the name and hit Search in the lower right. Easy.

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You should find one or more results and simply click on the pin to see more info on that dentist (see below).


Search for a dentist by specialty

Alternatively, you don’t know the name of the dentist, but you know you need a specific type of dental professional. Again, click “Search” at the top but now select one of the specialties (e.g. Orthodontist) then hit the “Search” button at the bottom. Now your map just shows those specialists.

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Filtered for Orthodontists Columbus, OH Orthodontists


Search for a dentist by geography

What happens if you’re traveling but want to find a dentist back home (or anywhere, for that matter)? Not a problem! Just click the “Search” field and enter the ZIP or city and state where you’d like to search. The map will move to that location and populate with dentists in that area. If you prefer a list view, just click the upper right icon and you’ll see the list on the right. (Note: all of this is both on Android and iOS)

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Dentists in San Francisco, CA List view of dentists in search


Dentist details

Here’s where things get amazing. Click on a dentist that looks good to you (maybe near your home or office, high star rating). You’ll see the name at the bottom of the screen, so tap that to see more info.

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Office info appears at bottom when selected Additional dental practice details

See the icons at the bottom? The left one takes you straight to directions and I bet you know what the one on the right is. Go ahead, click it to call and set up your appointment straight from the app. Voila! If your dentist has any questions, have them call us at (800) 648 1179—we're here to help!


From a browser

Don’t worry, if you’re on a laptop and prefer using a browser, virtually all of these features are available at

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Austin, TX dentists
That’s it!  There are plenty of other features (such as saving your favorite dentist, getting directions, etc.) so have fun exploring the app.  And don’t forget to brush!
Brought to you by Beam Insurance Services LLC. Material discussed is meant for general illustration and/or informational purposes only; is not intended to be relied on as complete information; and it is not to be construed as tax, legal, investment or medical advice.
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