Custom Group Dental Insurance Quotes Within 48 Hours

Beam makes dental benefits easy. For providers, for members, for clients and for brokers. Our goal is to not only offer the single best dental benefit product on the market, but also provide white-glove service for every one of stakeholders in as many ways possible, including the RFP process. And that’s why Beam targets a 48-hour turnaround on every custom dental proposal!

Why does a 48-hour turnaround time matter to you?

When it comes to benefits renewal season, there are a million things on your plate and we recognize that dental is rarely your top priority. Because of this, Beam aims to do everything possible to reduce friction and mitigate extra work for you. This helps you in a few ways.

First of all, you’re inevitably shopping for plans and rates with a number of carriers. Perfect! You’re doing your job and providing value to clients by pulling together some options and assembling a comparison to get to a recommendation. In that situation, we never want to be the last proposal you receive not only because there’s a chance it doesn’t make the sheet, but also it goes back to the white-glove service we aim to provide. You shouldn’t have to wait for rates and chase down proposals from any carrier and a 48-hour turnaround takes that completely off your plate.

Secondly, with everything going on, especially in Q4, things may occasionally fall through the cracks leaving you with limited time to pull together some dental plan options for your clients (though I’m sure that’s never happened to you!). Rather than having to rely on some potentially overpriced shelf rated dental plans, Beam can quickly slide in with a quick rush quote and play the hero!

Finally, it’s inevitable that sometimes you pull together a great set of recommendations for your clients but they want to check out another option. By being ultra-efficient with our overall process, we’re able to iterate on plan designs even faster, all to help meet the evolving needs of your client.

How does Beam process RFPs and generate proposals so quickly?

Well, we can’t give away all the secret sauce, but it’s a combination of processes, people and technology, something at the core of everything Beam does.

Once you request a benefits quote from, a lot of wheels begin to spin behind the scenes. Our Business Operations and Underwriting teams work diligently to turn your request into a tangible quote as soon as possible, beginning with an audit of the information that is sent over to us. Once we have everything we need from you and your client, the underwriting magic begins immediately (and finishes quickly!). Because we take an incredibly data-driven approach to underwriting, there’s less “art” in the process and our underwriting throughput capacity is therefore an order of magnitude higher than what you’d see traditionally. This results in actuarially sound rates, delivered to you incredibly fast.

None of this could be done without a lot of collaboration between teams when preparing a quote for your client. We have worked very hard to create a standardized process to handle your requests, but are constantly iterating to make sure that our process is always evolving and improving. This includes cross-team communication between Broker Success, Business Operations and Underwriting, but also a heavy reliance on our Development team to lay code to eliminate manual steps. This combination of efficiency, processes, technology and teams willing to get their hands dirty results in a unique ability to deliver competitive dental proposals based on the needs of your clients!

So what's next?

While a 48-hour turnaround may be a huge help for you and make the proposal process easier, it’s still far too slow in our eyes. We’re constantly investing in ways to get you rates faster (maybe even real-time) and you can expect some pretty innovative features and tools coming down the pike to make that happen! But for now, let our 48-hour turnaround help make your life easier, especially during Q4.

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