Pop Quiz! How Much Do You Know About Dental Health?

The rest of the body often gets more attention, but your dental health is just as important! Not only does it affect your appearance, but it also has a whole-body impact. Practicing the right habits and taking a preventative approach can help you maintain a healthy smile, avoid issues such as gum disease and cavities, and minimize your dental care expenses.

Ready to test your dental health knowledge? Take our quiz below to see what you know about your mouth and how to take care of it — it only takes a couple of minutes, and you might learn a thing or two along the way!

How'd you do? Feel free to share your score with us in the comments or on social media! If you want to retake the quiz to improve your score or refresh your memory, all you have to do is reload the page. Happy brushing!

Want to keep testing your dental knowledge? Fill out our crossword puzzle, too!


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