Update from the Beam lab

Beam is out to change the way we think about brushing our teeth. The only way to do that is to consistently deliver a stellar, integrated brushing experience. And we’re pretty stoked to be doing that.

Beam stands at an interesting intersection in the health tech realm. We’re out to bring innovation to an industry that’s notoriously dusty. We are rethinking how we spend (or are supposed to spend) four minutes of our day, each and every day.

Needless to say, our past few months have been interesting, intense and awesome. Our team has grown to meet the workload that innovation demands. We’re excited and honored to have talented people behind the tech and hardware powering the Beam Brush so we can make good on our promise to exceed your expectations and make brushing your teeth an awesome and rewarding experience.

In these past few months we’ve also learned a lot. From softer buttons, to better battery caps, we’re constantly iterating on our product and service. We're proud to finally announce the latest Beam Brush.

The newest version of the Beam iOS App - v 2.2.1 - delivers a seamless interaction between brush and app to help you, your kids, or anyone track their brushing habits. What we’re most excited about is how much better this version of Beam is making tracking that interaction. Here’s an overview of how that’s happening:

Star Rewards

  • Now you can earn stars for healthy brushing. Compete or work together with your family and friends to see who can collect the most. Earning stars unlocks cool rewards, like free brush head refills. Some of our favorite stories, though, come from parents setting rewards for their kids for getting through a whole week of brushing. Anyone in for dessert tonight?

Completely Refreshed User Interface

  • The Beam Brush app has a whole new look (and we think it looks good on us). A full color profile shows off your brushing record and allows you to control all new brush settings, like Quadrant Buzz and Auto-Off after 2 minutes. An updated timer improves readability and - dare we say - experience.

Bug Fixes

  • Old app ever quit on you?… yeah, sorry about that. Turns out building connected hardware is still a bit tricky. The new polished design better integrates hardware and software and has an improved connectivity between brush + mobile device thanks to a low-energy Bluetooth connection. Bye bye bugs, hello connected brushing.

Don’t worry, even with all this new power, you can still choose from one of three swanky colors. And always at an affordable price.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your Beam Brush and get smiling.

And do us a solid, and let us know what you think of the Beam Brush.

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