3 Ways to Increase Enrollment

How employee benefits brokers are driving large group enrollment and maximizing income with Beam.

At Beam, we incorporate modern technology and a seamless interface that makes it easier and simpler for employee benefits brokers to effectively increase enrollment. We understand the challenges that come with driving enrollment among large groups in particular. 

But when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we’re here to offer 3 tips that’ll help employee benefits brokers like you increase enrollment and maximize income.

1) Bring Something New to the Table

Drive enrollment and bring on large groups by highlighting attributes that set your offerings apart from competitors.

When searching for an effective group enrollment, clients are on the hunt for several factors:
  • Comprehensive coverage at a great value.
  • Quick and painless enrollment experience.
  • Easy access to coverage information.
But there’s one other factor that Beam has tapped into in a way competitors haven’t—we are bringing something new to the table with a modern user interface and member perks*. The benefits of Beam extend beyond employee benefits themselves, empowering brokers to offer something new to their own clients.

“The thing about Beam is that it’s a departure from the old lockstep doldrums,” says John Ryan, a broker with nearly 30 years of experience in employee benefit planning. “We get participation because we make it a noteworthy experience.”

It’s never a bad idea to hammer home the value of enrolling with Beam as opposed to a competing company. “Value-wise, we’re seeing average out-of-pocket costs for preventive care at $500 per member per year,” says Brian Cronin, Market Development Executive at Beam. “And with Beam, the out-of-pocket expense is $0. That’s a substantial value for an individual and their family.”

However, when it comes to increasing group enrollment, think outside the box of Beam’s great rates. “We know with groups it’s not just price that is a consideration,” says Cronin. “That’s why our team goes above and beyond to show that the value of Beam is what the member gets out of the experience: no-cost preventive care, Beam Perks, and either live or self-service customer service.”

Along with our easy-to-use technology, Beam Perks also frequently stand out among prospective clients. Members can accrue rewards# by using the Beam Brush kit. 

“The first time I got a hold of the original Perks pack,” says John Ryan, “I was blown away instantly with the brush kit. I couldn’t believe the price included this amazing package plus the opportunity to earn reward points.” 

Here at Beam, we know which question is on every employee benefits broker’s mind: how can I increase my income without upselling or cross-selling? With Beam, our Perks can often function as a built-in upsell. “The brush was the a-ha moment that there’s more to this company,” Ryan says.

When it comes down to it, don’t neglect to highlight what Beam Perks are really promoting. “It’s so much more than insurance,” says Ryan. “Beam is a wellness company that incentivizes people to take the right steps for preventive care.”

Beam’s tools, such as the Enrollment Welcome Kit and Document Center, provide clients with transparency and clarity for the full enrollment process, which extends long after enrollment closes. These tools give clients confidence in their employee benefits and group enrollment. According to John Ryan, that confidence should first extend from employee benefits brokers. “As long as the broker believes in it,” he says, “and knows it’s going to work, then we’ll all be in really great shape.”

2) Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Foster relationships and focus on effectively communicating the makeup of Beam’s employee benefits packages.

Beam’s Market Development team has noticed a clear difference between brokers who take time to carefully communicate compared to those who don’t. “We recently saw a group exceed enrollment expectations by 27%,” says Cronin. “They knew exactly how to communicate to the members what they receive with their Beam benefits.”

Every seasoned broker knows that communication is key when it comes to clearly and effectively breaking down benefits packages for prospective and existing Group Administrators and members. But what’s the most effective way to communicate in order to bring on large groups and drive employee enrollment? 

Part of John Ryan’s mission as a long-time employee benefits broker has been to emphasize the importance of consumers’ connection with Beam. “This is actually a coordinated wellness approach where we incentivize people,” he says.

In order to communicate clearly and effectively with Group Admins and members, utilize Beam’s wealth of tools, literature and educational materials. “Our open enrollment Welcome Kit gives a great first impression,” says Cronin. “It’s everything a Group Administrator needs to know about their Beam experience from start to finish.”

Along with Beam’s Welcome Kit, the Document Center contains ample materials to set yourself, your existing and prospective Group Administrators, and members up for success.

In addition to communicating using our Welcome Kit and the plethora of other resources you can leave behind with Group Administrators, take advantage of Beam’s Open Enrollment Support for members. This support includes:
  • Onsite open enrollment event support (when appropriate)
  • Virtual webinars
  • Pre-recorded Open Enrollment Meetings
  • Customized email and newsletter content
  • Q&A sessions with members of the Beam team
  • Value-based Member Welcome Packet

Brokers should also take time to communicate with and get to know their Beam Client Success Manager. Of this relationship, Ryan says it can “help to reinforce the preventive care aspect of the benefits” as well as providing “great insights on how a group is tracking on digital minutes.”

3) Provide Step-Above Service

The best way employee benefits brokers can increase income? Provide customized, conscientious service.

At the end of the day, the ability to increase group enrollments comes down to the broker relationship. However, as we’ve all experienced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, client relations can be challenging to foster virtually.
But the future is now, and open enrollment is being handled virtually more often than not. Group admins certainly don’t want to feel like their virtual enrollment experience takes the backseat. Beam’s modern enrollment platforms are built for digital natives. The difference between good service and great service is when it saves people time and stress. That’s exactly what our brokers can save their clients with Beam.

A positive enrollment experience doesn’t only have benefits for members. “At Beam, we love putting money back into brokers’ pockets just by doing an effective open enrollment,” says Cronin from Beam. “We’re seeing enrollment increases north of 25% just by providing a great product, the white-glove customer service, and the tools that show the value of both.”

Beam commits to elevated care and attention to detail. That’s part of the reason why our plans are customizable by group. Lean into the customization of our plans by zeroing in on what Group Administrators are asking for when searching for employee benefits packages for the large groups they represent.

It’s paramount to us here at Beam that we form trusting partners with our brokers. We are here to help you succeed. “The companies who work with plan sponsors to overcome an issue quickly, with little disruption, are the ones who continue with my groups year after year,” says John Ryan. “And that’s exactly what Beam does. They do what they say they are going to do.”

These three methods for employee benefits brokers are tried and true for increasing large group enrollment and maximizing income. Got questions? We have your back. Contact your Beam Client Success Manager anytime for enrollment tips customized for you and the clients you serve.



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