The Beginner’s Guide to Group Dental Insurance

By Chris Prochak | Dental Benefits, Members, Employers | 1 Comment

If you’re reading this right now, maybe your company is thinking about switching up dental insurance or adding dental benefits for the first time. Or maybe you're looking at a quote or new dental plan and trying to make sense of it all. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of information to take in...

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5 Considerations (Beyond Network & Price) When Buying Group Dental Plans

By Chris Prochak | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Employers | 1 Comment

If you’re not already convinced that dental insurance is a great perk to add for your team, check out this post. But if you want to learn more about how to approach the group dental plan decision for your team, read on.

Anyone who has been in the dental benefits industry for more than a day can...

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4 Reasons Your Awesome Company Should Offer Dental Benefits

By Chris Prochak | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Employers | No Comments

You’re a founder, CEO, HR professional, or other benefits decision-maker at a small to mid-size business. You’re at an exciting company that cares about employees and sees the team as the key to success. Maybe your company has a young, millennial workforce and you want to show them you’re invested...

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