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The Do's and Don'ts of Flossing

By Matt Wilkes | Members, Dental Health | 9 Comments

Although it’s sometimes overlooked, flossing once every day helps you keep your teeth and gums healthy. It reaches those pesky areas a toothbrush can’t — in between the teeth — to eliminate plaque buildup. Using the right techniques and avoiding the wrong ones can maximize the effectiveness of...

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What You Should Know About Receding Gums

By Matt Wilkes | Members, Dental Health | 2 Comments

While often overlooked, gums are vital to your dental health. They hold your teeth in place and protect the delicate root underneath from bacteria and deterioration from eating, chewing, and brushing. Failing to brush and floss — or doing so incorrectly — can cause the gums to recede.

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11 Life Insurance Terms You Should Know

By Matt Wilkes | Employee Benefits, Members, Employers, Group Life Benefits, Life Insurance | No Comments

If your company offers group life benefits, you may wonder what the various terminology means — after all, it’s a bit different than health and dental insurance. We’re here to help! Here are some common terms you may run across when reviewing your life policy and what they mean.

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What's a Missing Tooth Clause?

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Brokers, Dental Benefits, Members, Employers | No Comments

Whether you’re an HR professional shopping for dental coverage or a broker preparing clients for open enrollment, it’s important to have a strong understanding of the available plans. Nearly all plans have limitations, and learning more about them can help you make the best decision for your...

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What Is Bruxism? Your Guide to Teeth Grinding

By Matt Wilkes | Members, Dental Health | No Comments

Do you notice yourself clenching your teeth when feeling stressed out? Do you often wake up with a sore jaw and aren’t sure why? You may have a dental condition known as bruxism, or tooth grinding. Many people deal with tooth grinding, especially at night — one study found that 8% of...

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3 Reasons Your Company Should Offer Group Life Benefits

By Matt Wilkes | Employee Benefits, Employers, Group Life Benefits, Life Insurance | No Comments

As Q3 begins, many companies around the country are starting to prepare for open enrollment. That means it’s time to not only evaluate your organization’s current benefits, but it’s also prudent to research new lines of coverage your employees could find valuable. 

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Beam Offering Group Life Benefits Through Nationwide®

By Matt Wilkes | Beam News | No Comments

COLUMBUS, Ohio (July 8, 2020) — Beam Dental, one of the country’s fastest-growing ancillary benefits providers, today announced it will begin offering group term life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits through Nationwide®.

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3 Tips for Choosing a Dental Benefits Plan

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members | No Comments

Visiting the dentist regularly is crucial to keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth shining brightly. But those visits can get pricey on their own. Fortunately, many employers offer dental benefits that can alleviate the financial burden of oral care. If your company’s open enrollment is...

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Why Dental Benefits Are Important for College Students

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members, Dental Health | No Comments

Going to college brings about many new challenges, whether it’s adjusting to a studying routine, an unfamiliar city, or newfound independence. On top of that, many students have to learn how to manage finances, too. From tuition and books to groceries, college has many expenses that you probably...

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What Is a Root Canal? An Overview of the Procedure

By Matt Wilkes | Members, Dental Health | No Comments

When you have a cavity, a filling is often the treatment recommended by your dentist. Not all cavities are created equal, however. For severe decay, your dentist may need to perform a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Root canal treatment may also be necessary for a tooth that is severely...

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