3 Tips for Choosing a Dental Benefits Plan

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members | 1 Comment

Visiting the dentist regularly is crucial to keeping your mouth healthy and your teeth shining brightly. But those visits can get pricey on their own. Fortunately, many employers offer dental benefits that can alleviate the financial burden of oral care. If your company’s open enrollment is...

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Why Dental Benefits Are Important for College Students

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members, Dental Health | No Comments

Going to college brings about many new challenges, whether it’s adjusting to a studying routine, an unfamiliar city, or newfound independence. On top of that, many students have to learn how to manage finances, too. From tuition and books to groceries, college has many expenses that you probably...

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MAC vs. UCR Dental Plans: What's the Difference?

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Brokers, Dental Benefits, Members, Employers | No Comments

You go to schedule an appointment with your dentist only to find out they’re not in-network with Beam. What now? Don’t stress — you can still visit your provider of choice! While staying in-network is often the most cost-effective option, you can still affordably visit an out-of-network dentist....

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How Staying In-Network With Beam Helps You Save Money

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members | 2 Comments

When you schedule an appointment with your dental provider, one of your first questions will probably be: “How much will it cost?” We get it, and we’re here to help you understand your dental benefits a little bit better.

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Beam Partners With Employee Navigator to Simplify Benefits Management

By Matt Wilkes | Beam News, Employee Benefits, Dental Benefits | 1 Comment

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Feb. 3, 2020) — Beam Dental, an emerging leader in dental benefits, has announced a new partnership with Employee Navigator, an all-in-one benefits, human resources, and compliance software provider for brokers, carriers, and HR professionals.

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New to Dental Benefits? Here's Your Glossary of Common Terminology

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members | No Comments

When you’re new to dental benefits, you’ll likely get a lot of new and unfamiliar terminology thrown your way. It may seem like a complex, overwhelming amount of information right now, but don’t worry — it’s not as complicated as it appears.

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How to Find the Right Dentist for You

By Matt Wilkes | dentist, Dental Benefits, Members | 5 Comments

Whether you have just switched benefits or you’re ready to get a dental cleaning for the first time in a while, the first step is finding a dentist. Although sorting through the list of dentists in your area may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be. If you're wondering how to find a dentist who...

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Why You Should Use Your Dental Benefits Before Year-End

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, Members | No Comments

As you're determining your holiday schedule in this unusual year, don’t forget to make room for an appointment with your dentist.

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4 Common Life Changes That Require Re-evaluating Dental Benefits

By Matt Wilkes | Dental Benefits, Members, Open Enrollment | No Comments

Between finishing work projects and holiday shopping, it’s a busy time of year for many people. That can make it easy to overlook open enrollment and simply roll your dental benefits over to next year or pick a plan without much thought. However, picking the best option takes more than a couple of...

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3 Ways Brokers Can Market to Millennials Effectively

By Matt Wilkes | Brokers, Employee Benefits, Technology, Dental Benefits | 5 Comments

Achieving success as an insurance broker involves a willingness to adapt to market changes. This means staying knowledgeable about new products and providers, but it also includes keeping a careful eye on demographic shifts. As the population changes, so too should your approach to marketing — what...

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