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Beam Partners with PrismHR to Offer Benefits in PEO Market

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Beam is really excited to announce our partnership with PrismHR, a leader provider of software and services for the Professional Service Organization (PEO) industry. For the first time, Beam Dental is exposing its highly differentiated dental insurance policies to the PEO market, in an effort to...

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5 Takeaways From InsureTech Connect 2018

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I attended InsureTech Connect 2018 in Las Vegas recently and found it to be the most dynamic and interesting one yet. Here are 5 thematic takeaways from ITC 2018.

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Meet the Kleiner Perkins-Backed Startup Set to Change Dental Insurance

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At Beam Dental, we had a radical idea: what if we could use technology to activate a more aggressive preventative dental care regimen and break members and groups out of a pattern of increasingly expensive care? Acting on this idea caught the attention of Silicon Valley giant Kleiner Perkins, which...

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How Are PEOs Changing in the Face of Disruptive Technology?

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A few weeks ago, I was excited to get the opportunity to attend the PrismHR Live 2018, the largest technology conference in the PEO industry. A PEO is a professional employer organization, which is a company to where other businesses can outsource a variety of employee services. The most common...

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How Beam SmartPremiums Work

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We recently launched Beam SmartPremiums, the most innovative dental insurance plans in decades. While this post shares a bit about Beam’s vision and why we launched SmartPremiums, I want to take a minute to address some common questions we’ve received, starting with:

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Why Beam Is Making Dental Benefits Better

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One of the most common questions I get when doing an interview or introducing Beam Dental to a new person is, "how the heck did you get into dental benefits?" Fair question. There is nothing in my background, nor the backgrounds of our co-founders, that suggests that we would be the perfect people...

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How Much Should Group Dental Insurance Cost?

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The most common word people use to describe dental insurance is “expensive.” Not far down the list is “boring.” If we’re doing our job right at Beam®, it won’t be long before you start thinking of dental benefits as something entirely different: affordable.

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Beam's Vision for Better Dental Benefits: SmartPremiums

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Beam® Dental has a goal: be the world’s leading dental insurance provider. To us, that means a few things must be true:

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