3 Ways to Increase Enrollment

By Wendy Palmer | Brokers, Open Enrollment, About Beam | 1 Comment

How employee benefits brokers are driving large group enrollment and maximizing income with Beam.

At Beam, we incorporate modern technology and a seamless interface that makes it easier and simpler for employee benefits brokers to effectively increase enrollment. We understand the challenges that...

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The Core of Success: Taking Customer Feedback to Heart

By Whitney Poma | Thoughts From Beam, About Beam | No Comments

At Beam, we’ve become a best-in-class dental and ancillary benefits provider through a number of ways: offering rich benefits, sending our Beam Perks to all members, and creating innovative administration technology. However, we know that no matter how great our product is, there’s something else...

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Custom Group Dental Insurance Quotes Within 48 Hours

By Chris Prochak | Dental Insurance, Dental Benefits, About Beam | No Comments

Beam makes dental benefits easy for providers, members, clients, and brokers. Our goal is to not only offer the single best dental benefit product on the market but also provide white-glove service for every stakeholder in as many ways as possible, including the RFP process. That’s why Beam targets...

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What Makes Beam Dental Benefits Different?

By Chris Prochak | SmartPremiums, Beam Perks, About Beam | 1 Comment

If you’ve been working with Beam Dental for a while, you know by now that we do dental benefits a bit differently. And if you’re newer to selling Beam, well, here’s a bit of a sneak peek. If you aren’t looking for details and just want an overview, skip straight down to the summary below.

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How Beam SmartPremiums Work

By Alex Frommeyer | SmartPremiums, Dental Benefits, About Beam | No Comments

We recently launched Beam SmartPremiums, the most innovative dental insurance plans in decades. While this post shares a bit about Beam’s vision and why we launched SmartPremiums, I want to take a minute to address some common questions we’ve received, starting with:

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Why Beam Is Making Dental Benefits Better

By Alex Frommeyer | Beam Perks, Dental Benefits, About Beam | No Comments

One of the most common questions I get when doing an interview or introducing Beam Dental to a new person is, "how the heck did you get into dental benefits?" Fair question. There is nothing in my background, nor the backgrounds of our co-founders, that suggests that we would be the perfect people...

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